download 1 Twitter to get a Taste of Musk's Regulatory-Skirting Ways?

Twitter to get a Taste of Musk’s Regulatory-Skirting Ways?

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download 1 1 Twitter to get a Taste of Musk's Regulatory-Skirting Ways?
Twitter to get a Taste of Musk's Regulatory-Skirting Ways? 3

Tesla (TSLA) CEO, SpaceX founder and Boring Company creator Elon Musk has come to terms with the board of Twitter Inc. (TWTR) to acquire the company and take it private.

This transaction will be completed in the coming months, and will see Musk become the sole owner of Twitter.

Musk has stated that his intention is to make Twitter a better and more secure platform, with a focus on authenticating all users.

This will likely involve collecting some form of personally identifiable information (PII) from users. The implications of Twitter, which has suffered cybersecurity breaches in the recent past, collecting PII are troubling. In particular, a large number of Twitters users remain pseudonymous or anonymous for various reasons, ranging from just wanting to troll or harass people to having credible fears of posting under their actual identities. As reporter Melissa Chan points out, governments interested in identifying dissidents or activists may try to leverage influence over Musk in ways they could not influence Twitter itself.

A lot of folks may also just not have access to the kinds of IDs that might be needed. This authentication solution would have to account for these individuals.

Musk is known for disliking bots and their potential role on social media, and it would make sense for him to focus on that specific issue (and it is for sure an issue). Authenticating accounts is one way of addressing that.

On the other hand, he also has said he wants to make open source the algorithms that drive Twitter. In and of itself, this wont change too much Musk has not committed to making the data that Twitters algorithms use to drive their decisionmaking process public, and thats probably where the real digital gold lies. On the other hand, its hard to reconcileclamp down on bots withheres the source code.Opensource apps usually are easier to make bots for, says someone I know.

This acquisition is subject to regulatory approval, and the European Union has already stated that Musk will be subject to its strictures.

Considering Musk has practically made it a side hustle to tweak the noses of regulators, his purchase of a highprofile media platform that will put him squarely in the sights of those same regulators is as ironic as it promises to be entertaining. Pass the popcorn.

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