WavingFuzzle Fuzzle: The revolutionary new way to digital companionship

Fuzzle: The revolutionary new way to digital companionship

  • Fuzzle is an NFT project that totally takes this idea of digital companionship to the next level.
  • Powered by AI and language prediction tools, Fuzzles are reactive and adaptive in conversations, finally bringing digital pets into the modern era.
  • Fuzzles are designed to be able to converse in a casual and human voice, and they’re empathetic and understand human emotions.
  • With their advanced AI, they can offer insightful discourse based on contextual cues and adapt to dynamic conversations full of varied speech patterns and emotions.
  • The team at Endless AI has taken advantage of GPT-3 language prediction tech that was created by OpenAI and paired it with Clockwork, their in-house intelligent production platform.
  • The sale itself starts on April 27th.
  • At first, your digital pet will learn from you on a per-conversation basis. However, the team at endless is working towards Fuzzle eventually being capable of learning from all of your interactions over time so that your Fuzzle can grow and evolve.

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