Telegram 2019 Logo.svg Is Telegram's TON the Future of Social Media Payments?

Is Telegram’s TON the Future of Social Media Payments?

  • TON Foundation launches new bot that enables cryptocurrency transactions using The Open Networks token TON inside the Telegram app.
  • The feature launched on April 28, the day TON will be available for purchase on OKX, a Maltabased cryptocurrency exchange.
  • With this new feature, Telegram has the potential to compete against other social media platforms such as Twitter.
  • According to the Foundation, the goal of this new feature is for users to be able to make transactions as easy as sending a text message, avoiding the complications associated with managing a crypto wallet and the lengthy nonhumanreadable crypto addresses.
  • In 2020, Telegram had to abandon the original TON project due to a lawsuit issued by the SEC.
  • Currently, the TON project is independent of Telegram, so according to Pavel Durov, CEO and founder of Telegram, the new team in charge of the project is buildingsomething epic that manages to keep the platform among the top of social networks.

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