Magic Link: Developer SDK for Easy Web3 Onboarding

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-Passwordless authentication is a new trend in the internet industry which is believed that safer than the existing methods such as Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which can be cracked with techniques like phishing, keylogging, or password spraying.

-Passwordless authentication is all about stopping the use of passwords to improve security and conserve valuable IT resources.

-The benefits of passwordless authentication are rather obvious. First of all, as mentioned, it, of course, provides better security.

-Most applications today are built from the combination of username, email, or phone number with a password security model. These are obsolete for many reasons.

-In order to prevent that you would need to re-authenticate the user with every request, therefore, this would create an extremely cumbersome user experience if users have to type in their password every single time.

-Another is passwordless authentication takes less overhead than traditional methodologies.

-Normally, users tend to set passwords that are easy to crack but hard to remember while account recovery support can be costly. Most support cases are related to lost and forgotten passwords.

-Magic uses blockchain-based, standardized public-private key cryptography to achieve identity management.

-Launched in 2018 by Sean, Jaemin, and Arthur with the original name Fortmatic, which is an SDK that enables users across the globe to interact with dApps using just their phone number, without requiring any extra installation.

-Magic Auth is a Whitelabel SDK that allows all kinds of dApps with full UX/UI customizability.

-The high-level end-user journey is as follows:

A user visits Niftys.

Users enter their email to log in / sign up.

Checks Niftys login email, and clicks the Magic link.

Users are securely authenticated into Niftys.

A wallet is created behind the scenes via our non-custodial delegated key management system allowing the user to not have to manage a seed phrase.

-Meanwhile, high-level developers receive benefits from:

WWW Home.


Sign up for free.

Joins Magic includes creating an account and landing on Dashboard.

Tries Login Form web demo with a low-code quick start.

Explore Dashboard for passwordless, login methods, branding, users, features, and more.


Add Magic Email/SMS login to an existing project.

Explore Docs.

API Keys.

IDE/Local integration started.

Add Google OAuth to an existing project.

Integrate with the existing backend.

Customize branding, logo, and theme.


magic Magic Link: Developer SDK for Easy Web3 Onboarding
Magic Link: Developer SDK for Easy Web3 Onboarding 2

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