How to Get Fit and Earn Crypto with MoveZ

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-Tokenomics refers to the use of tokens to incentivize certain behaviors on blockchains.
-The idea is that by aligning the economic incentives of a project with its users, you can more effectively drive adoption and usage.
-One area where tokenomics have been applied is in the realm of fitness and exercise.
-The theory is that by rewarding people for getting in shape and staying active, you can help address the global obesity epidemic.
-MoveZ is the latest entrant into this space, and its powered by BlueZilla, a platform that has launched a third of the best performing IDOs.
-MoveZ has set out to resolve the challenges faced by earlier options with an array of unique features including the burn to earn concept where doing exercise results in the users favorite tokens being burnt, and them being rewarded in their favorite tokens.
-The amount you can earn using MoveZ will depend on your activity level and the quality of your NFTs.
-In practice, this means earnings range from a few bucks to several hundred dollars per day depending on how active you are and what kind of NFTs you have.
-With a market cap of just $55,000, MoveZ has a lot of room for potential growth.
-This is especially true when you consider that BlueZilla has launched one-third of the best performing IDOs of all time indicating that MoveZ has a lot of potential.
-MoveZs Twitter and Telegram accounts have ballooned to over 100,000 combined users in just a few days.
-This demonstrates the strong demand for the app.
-MoveZ has a number of unique selling points that should help it gain traction with users.
-These include boost zones, organizational accounts, as well as NFT lending and revenue sharing.

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How to Get Fit and Earn Crypto with MoveZ 2

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