Introducing How to help save the planet and earn money!

Read Time:1 Minute is the worlds first decentralised multilayer carbon credit finance protocol.

-The projects technology improves the slow and outdated carbon credit industry by implementing a host of solutions that utilise smart contracts on a secure, fully transparent blockchain ledger, creating the ultimate standard for the carbon credit industry.

-Kyoto Protocols mission is to make the carbon credit industry more transparent, efficient, accessible and profitable, making a real difference in the fight against climate change and the users’ wallets.

-The projects technology makes it profitable for both retail and institutional investors to create certified offset whilst staking funds or holding its own native Kyoto Token.

-The Kyoto Token fair launch is an exciting way to own a share in the projects network of decentralised applications.

-Globally as a collective, humanity is falling behind carbon offset targets.

-The only way to do this securely and fully understand the data metrics is on a transparent blockchain ledger. is not a single piece of technology but a network of decentralised cross chain applications ran on a fully transparent blockchain ledger, specifically designed to improve the dangerously lagging carbon offset industry.

-Kyoto Protocols technology solutions improve every aspect of the carbon credit industry such as accessibility, transparency and liquidity.

-The team strongly believes that carbon credit offsetting should occur on a blockchain ledger with certified carbon credits as synthetic assets only.

-The team at brings core experience and stability to the projects business model and have a direct reach to many of the overlapping sectors that the protocol serves.

-The team plans to fully dox prior to announcing the Kyoto Token fair launch date, to reassure its community and to demonstrate that it has nothing to hide.

-The team has already secured a group of very credible and innovative partners who believe in the projects vision in making a difference, together it will deliver something great to the community, planet and the users wallet.



kyoto 1 Introducing How to help save the planet and earn money!
Introducing How to help save the planet and earn money! 2

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