Terra disaster fuels work of Congress on stablecoin legislation

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-Stablecoins have been a priority for US lawmakers since November.
-Following TerraUSDs collapse this week, Congress is suddenly facing the issue of algorithmic stablecoins.
-Maxine Waters (D-CA), chair of the House Financial Services Committee, is said to be curating a package of crypto legislation that may come out by the end of this Congress.
-Stephen Lynch (D-MA) told The Block that his ECash bill will be part of that package.
-Grey, one of the bill’s authors, objects to the PWG’s separation of algorithmic and non-algorithmic stablecoins.
-The particulars, Lynch said, were still up for discussion.
-Introduced at the end of the last congress, the STABLE Act did not feature such a carve-out, nor did it have a chance to become law.
-There have been increasing suggestions that Republicans are looking at algorithmic stablecoins more as money market funds, which face regulation by the SEC and are accessible only via registered broker-dealers.
-Among Republicans a party line seems to be developing that the collapse of Terra and Tethers subsequent slip should primarily fuel legislation on fiat-backed stablecoins.
-Algorithmics may have to wait.
-Senator Pat Toomey (R-PN), the leading Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, is driving the most prominent active piece of legislation addressing stablecoins.
-That draft bill, the Stablecoin TRUST Act, explicitly addresses payment stablecoins, establishing a category that deliberately avoids the algorithmic variety.
-Toomey said that “there is no systemic risk, certainly not right now and I don’t think in the future, because the nature of the algorithmic stablecoins is that they are not backed by an asset that would be subject to a systemic risk.”
-In the Senate, Democrats do not seem optimistic about getting their vision for crypto legislation passed into law.
-Brown, instead, put his faith in Gary Gensler, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, to take action.



20210120 Capitol Generic Terra disaster fuels work of Congress on stablecoin legislation
Terra disaster fuels work of Congress on stablecoin legislation 2

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