bitcoin hyperbitcoin African Nations Resisting Bitcoin Only Delay The Inevitable

African Nations Resisting Bitcoin Only Delay The Inevitable

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– Bitcoin is the best money ever invented and embracing it early will be beneficial both for the people of the adopting nation and to the benefit and preservation of the concept of the nation-state itself.
– There is a clear divide between those countries who understand Bitcoin, and those who don’t.
– Future-oriented governments will be desperate to fully embrace Bitcoin and its dynamics, knowing that the probability that it will become the worlds reserve currency is one.
– Bitcoin was designed to protect everyone on Earth from stupid people, but before Bitcoin can protect you from stupid people, it needs to be adopted by those same stupid people that are the threat to you.
– The answer for people living in ethically-run countries is that people like President Nayib Bukele and President Faustin-Archange Touadra must take the reins of power and use them responsibly to free their countries from the yoke of penury-entrenching Western fiat currencies.
– Doing business on the continent of Africa is very difficult. It is difficult to get payments in and very difficult to get payments out.
– Bitcoin makes all of this go away, as well as adding extraordinary speed to all transactions that are without precedent for Nigerians and many people living on the African continent.
– What is holding back the Nigerian people is the totally corrupt, protectionist and anti-Nigeria CBN, which is preventing the flow of money and flourishing of innovation there, for no good reason other than a nauseating lust for power and a cargo cult mentality about the role of the State and necessity for a central bank.
– Nigeria could become the African capital of Bitcoin if the Nigerian people used it without permission en masse, squeezing out the naira as the peoples money, exposing their businesses and personal finances to the free flow of money bitcoin facilitates.
– Nigerians (presently one-third of them) are openly rejecting the system there and voluntarily opting into a nongovernmental system of money and finance because it is better and more suited to the Nigerian character of innovation.
– To a foreigner, the idea that Nigerians have a character of innovation may seem odd, but there is no other explanation for that great country being number two in the world for Bitcoin adoption.
– The position of the Nigerian government appears to be open to change. It is attending the extraordinary meeting in El Salvador with the governments of central bankers from Angola, Armenia, Bangladesh, Burundi, Congo, Costa Rica, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, India, Namibia, Senegal, Sundan, Uganda, Zambia and 25 other developing countries flying in to find out how to embrace Bitcoin.
– Bringing them together outside the U.N./U.S. context is a stroke of genius. Now, together with common cause, common complaints and common animus, Bitcoin will serve as the basis for a new pole in the emerging multip



bitcoin hyperbitcoin African Nations Resisting Bitcoin Only Delay The Inevitable
African Nations Resisting Bitcoin Only Delay The Inevitable 3

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