M1 Finance Now Offers Commission-Free Crypto Trading!

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– M1 Finance, a US-based financial services provider, is launching crypto trading accounts.
– The account launch will allow users of the prominent brokerage firm to trade cryptocurrencies.
– The services are to be seen on the platform in the next few weeks.
– The firm is traditionally known to offer commission free trading services on stocks and ETFs.
– For M1 Finance, this is going to be the first encounter with crypto related operations.
– CEO and founder of brokerage firm Brian Barnes announced the crypto trading offerings on the platform.
– Barnes noted that the growing public demand is the primary reason for financial services company to look towards crypto.
– While putting his thoughts over cryptocurrencies, Barnes mentioned that crypto assets were here for just 13 years ago.
– Regardless of this, Americans are heavily interested in cryptocurrencies given more than 20% of them are trading, investing or using them regularly, he added.
– The brokerage firms will offer its users to choose crypto assets as a long term strategy.
– Initially they will be offering about ten cryptocurrencies including top crypto assets like bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and several others.
– The company also said that it will expand its offerings gradually and make crypto trading free of commission fees.
– US based brokerage firms have a lot of different investment strategies offerings, where most well known of them is Pie-based investing.



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M1 Finance Now Offers Commission-Free Crypto Trading! 2

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