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Let’s Unravel the Mystery of Cryptocurrency

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– A blockchain is a public ledger that records every transaction ever made in cryptocurrency.
– Each block is like a page of the ledger, containing a timestamp and links to the previous block.
– To win the right to write the block, cryptocurrency miners must win a race to solve a math problem.
– At its core, a bitcoin is an input written on a public ledger that records ownership, stored in a crypto wallet.
– Bitcoin mining is actually a lot like the way coins are made today.
– The “minting” is actually writing on the public ledger, or blockchain.
– The input records that the coin went into their wallet.
– this first “input” into their wallet is the creation of the bitcoin.
– If they spent it or sent it to someone else, that would be a publicly recorded “output”.
– A mining rig is a very powerful computer set up to solve very hard math questions.
– It costs tens of thousands of dollars in electricity to mint just a single bitcoin.
– Cryptography is the science of securing information.
– A crypto wallet is secured by a set of private keys–a string of words that can unlock and access your wallet.
– By a process called “hashing”, your private keys are processed as a string of data by an algorithm, which generates a public key.
– This process is almost impossible to reverse.
– The public key is generated from an anonymous private key not linked to your digital identity.
– Decentralized applications (dApps). Decentralized because the applications are able to register transactions without a central authority approving them.
– A smart contract is a way to make it so two computers, or networks, can talk to each other and have transactions without a middle man.
– Cryptocurrency is a “secret” currency, which is both anonymous and secure.
– Altcoins are any other cryptocurrency besides bitcoin.
– Some of these altcoins are based on blockchain (remember, that means ledger) technology, while others are based on the concept of decentralization.
– Proof of Stake relies on proving you have a collection of coins to win the right to process transactions, write the next block, and mint new coins.



EedXtberi1PCj4YEhUrdcXkgyQf2 0sa3n8b Let's Unravel the Mystery of Cryptocurrency
Let's Unravel the Mystery of Cryptocurrency 3

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