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How crypto critics are putting investors at risk

– Cryptocurrency values have tanked in recent weeks, leading some to believe that the technology is doomed
– Ryan Hertel, a YouTuber and Wilkes-Barre native, is a strong proponent of cryptocurrencies
– Hertel believes that crypto’s critics are not taking the technology seriously enough
– Bitcoin’s value has dipped from an all-time high of $69,000 last fall to less than $20,000 this spring
– Lehigh University Professor Hank Korth says that anyone considering investing in crypto should tread carefully
– Korth believes that the crash is not crypto’s death knell, but rather a chance for the technology to evolve
– One of the main criticisms of crypto is its negative impact on the environment due to the mining process required to verify transactions
– Penn Future is calling on state lawmakers to steer the technology toward a more sustainable future


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