Future Proofed WTF are NFTs Crypto Regulations and HODL 7 Crypto Terms You Need to Know Before Investing

7 Crypto Terms You Need to Know Before Investing

-Cryptocurrency is a digital coin persisting on blockchain and handled by a decentralized system.
-NFT are digital tokens representing the true ownership of the holder.
-Currently, total crypto market capitalization stands at $1.06 Trillion.
-NFTs are the cousin sisters of cryptocurrency, but with a small twist. They are not interchangeable like their sisters.
-HODL or Hold On for Dear Life is a term used when there’s a downfall in the crypto market and people are coming together to show their support.
-Crypto Winter is a term used for a period of heavy downfall in the cryptocurrency market.
-Bull Run is a term used to indicate a rise in the value of digital assets.
-Whales are people or entities with a digital wallet having a large sum of a certain asset in the wallet.


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