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How to Turn Crypto Trading into a Life-Changing Addiction

* Castle Craig Hospital opened up more than 30 years ago in Scotland, U.K., to treat alcoholism and other forms of drug and behavioral addictions it now offers rehabilitation programs for cryptocurrency addicts.

* At Castle Craig, compulsive crypto trading is treated as a form of gambling addiction.

* The unbelievable feeling Roy refers to is quite familiar to Marini, who speaks from experience as a former gambling, alcohol, and cocaine addict whos been in recovery for 17 years.

* Gambling addictions are regarded in the mental health profession as process addictions, like sex addiction, in which people compulsively follow a certain process or activity.

* Crypto trading addicts find it difficult to cash out, De Vries said. Roy said he didnt cash out because he saw it as a chance to earn enough to be set for life.

* Addicts entering programs like those at Castle Craig go through one-on-one as well as group therapy sessions to identify underlying issues that can lead to addiction, such as past trauma or depression and other mental health issues.

* Marini recommends complete abstinence from crypto trading to avoid relapse, just as is the case with substance addiction treatments.


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