News 2022 Will Crypto Prices Last 6 The Crypto Market is on the Rise Again!

The Crypto Market is on the Rise Again!

– Bitcoin’s price has risen this week to around $24,000, a price not seen since mid-June
– This is a significant rally from even last week, when bitcoin cost around $19,000 per coin
– Cryptocurrency is a risky and volatile asset, and its price moves are anything but predictable
– While some believe that bitcoin can serve as a hedge against inflation and stock market selloffs, bitcoin’s latest price plummet shows that the digital asset is not immune to the downturn financial markets are seeing overall as investors contend with rising interest rates
– Experts say that it appears markets have finally digested risks like Three Arrow’s bankruptcy and any fallout from troubled crypto lenders like Voyager
– They add that investors should continue to expect more volatility in the crypto market
– Financial advisors tend to recommend that investors with a long-term approach should keep investments in risky assets like crypto to a small fraction of their overall portfolios


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