shutterstock 2025404462 750x406 1 Despite Rate Hike, Market is Higher This Week in Crypto

Despite Rate Hike, Market is Higher This Week in Crypto

-The value of BTC has surged following the US Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates.
-The number of BTC whale accounts has increased in recent weeks.
-Institutional investors have sold off significant portions of their BTC holdings in recent months.
-The value of ETH has jumped in recent days, driven by the upcoming “merge.”
-Data from Glassnode suggests that the dominance of Ethereum-based DeFi applications and protocols has dropped in recent weeks.
-The value of ETC has more than doubled this month, following advances towards Ethereum’s highly-anticipated “merge.”
-Uniswap’s value has surged in recent days, driven by whales accumulating UNI tokens.
-Avalanche is facing an exodus of validators, and the value of AVAX has dropped in recent days.
-Algorand’s value has dropped this week, following the resignation of CEO Steven Kokinos.
-The SEC is preparing to prosecute its first-ever crypto insider trading case involving a former Coinbase employee.
-ARK Investment Management has sold off 1.4 million of its Coinbase shares in recent days.
-A number of metaverse organizations have joined forces to form the first-ever “The Open Metaverse Alliance.”


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