22239 Cardano Community: "Standalone" in Larger Crypto Space

Cardano Community: “Standalone” in Larger Crypto Space

Cardano has consistently faced criticism from the larger cryptocurrency space, the most significant being its comparison with a ghost chain.

ADA whale, a Cardano community-focused Twitter account, seems to know the reason for Cardano’s seeming lack of acceptance by the larger crypto community, dominated largely by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

He says that “Cardano remains a major crypto culture, aiming to build out its own version of what a crypto should be”.

According to ADA whale, “The reasons why Cardano often gets excluded are complex.” He continues that this “exclusion” is making Cardano stronger and self-sufficient.

Cardano is yet to be listed on some top platforms such as Gemini and Robinhood, about which some members of its community have expressed discontent in recent times.

In times past, Cardano faced significant criticism over its UTXO model, its systematic approach to implementation, and most recently, the slow pace of growth in Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem, as reflected in its TVL.


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