How many currencies can a crypto wallet carry How many currencies can your crypto wallet hold?

How many currencies can your crypto wallet hold?

– Trust Wallet provides support for more than 1 million different types of crypto tokens.
– Trust Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, your keys are stored locally, which makes it that much more difficult for hackers to access your holdings.
– Exodus is a multi-currency crypto wallet that supports tokens from over 7 different blockchains.
– Exodus is often praised for its user-friendly interface.
– Coinbase Wallet supports more than 40,000+ different cryptocurrencies.
– Coinbase Wallet is backed by Coinbase one of the most reputable crypto exchanges around.
– Binance Wallet is an excellent multi-currency wallet for non-US based users.
– Binance Wallet is provided by a trusted crypto exchange Binance.


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