shutterstock 1180929262 Latam's Use of Crypto Primarily for 'Real World' Use Cases Discovered in Kaiko Report

Latam’s Use of Crypto Primarily for ‘Real World’ Use Cases Discovered in Kaiko Report

– The latest data debrief issued by Kaiko, a provider of digital assets market data, has found that while there is retail movement in Latam regarding crypto assets, most liquidity is directed to real world use cases.
– Among these activities are remittances, stablecoin-based yield generating investment options, and also payments, with Bitso and Mercado Bitcoin being the leaders in volumes traded in the area.
– Kaiko determined that different from other regions, Latam presents a set of particularities that focus on the use cases mentioned earlier.
– Bitso, one of the crypto unicorns in the region, bases its activity on the remittance sector, mostly. This is one of the reasons behind the fact that 60% of the volumes traded in the exchange involve XRP.
– Mercado Bitcoin also recently announced intentions of expanding its services to Mexico, to strengthen its offerings in the region.


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