22840 M&A in Crypto Just Got More Inclusive with Acquire.Fi (ACQ)!

M&A in Crypto Just Got More Inclusive with Acquire.Fi (ACQ)!

* Acquire.Fi is a novel platform for M&A deals, fractionalized ownership and assets tokenization, which goes live to unlock new opportunities for retail investors and streamline M&A processes for Web3 businesses.
* Acquire.Fi’s investment pools change the narrative in portfolio diversification. Fractionalized ownership and yield-bearing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will allow making fractions of companies sellable on third-party marketplaces.
* Acquire.Fi’s NFTs will allow clients to purchase a fraction of a Web3 company or IP, and immediately list it on a third-party marketplace, including the likes of OpenSea, Rarible and so on.
* To underpin its economic model, Acquire.Fi introduced its core native utility and governance token, ACQ, on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as an ERC-20 asset.
* ACQ token staking dashboard will go live from the release of the platform. Stakers will be able to leverage exclusive opportunities.


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