Ravi Jain 1 Sterling Trading Tech Now Lets You Trade FX and Cryptocurrency Assets

Sterling Trading Tech Now Lets You Trade FX and Cryptocurrency Assets

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– Sterling Trading Tech has added the FX and Crypto asset classes to its risk and margin system (SRM).
– The addition of these asset classes expands the functionality of Sterling’s offering.
– The Sterling Risk & Margin System provides advanced analytics as a RaaS (Risk-as-a-Service) solution utilizing sophisticated quantitative and big data techniques to manage risk and monitor margin in real-time.
– The SRM calculates risk scenarios, stress tests, portfolio margin, risk-based haircuts, maintenance margin and Value at Risk (VaR) for each account, with the capability to add and handle firm-specific house rules.
– Adding cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange (FX) to the platforms existing support of global equity, equity options and equity futures markets for risk calculations provides a new level of multi-asset risk coverage for clients.
– Specific functionalities related to the new asset classes include: support of FX spot, forward and swap trades and positions, in any currency pair; support of crypto including crypto priced in any currency; risk aggregated by currency or digital asset, derived by extracting net exposure by currency across all pairs and non-USD equity and crypto trades; ability to view balances by fiat currency and crypto; risk shocks analytics based on fixed percentage moves and standard deviation moves; VaR analytics for multi asset-portfolios including equities, fiat and crypto.
– The Sterling Risk & Margin System has seen continuous adoption by clearing firms, hedge funds, broker dealers and proprietary trading groups who can not only monitor risk using a GUI but can pull data into their downstream systems via an API.


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