P2E gaming is in a long 'maturation phase'

P2E gaming is in a long ‘maturation phase’, according to Crypto Unicorns founder

In the most recent episode of NFT Steez, Alyssa Expsito and Ray Salmond spoke with Aron Beireschmitt, the CEO of Laguna Games and founder of Crypto Unicorns, about the sustainability of P2E-focused blockchain games.
– for Beireschmitt, the evolution from a play-to-earn to a play-and-earn model suggests that there is still experimentation and maturation to be seen for These games.
– the larger question at hand is, is It sustainable?
– Beireschmitt said It is charting a path to sustainability through the combination of economic farming simulation along with the real-time skill-based gaming loops to attract more users into its ecosystem.
– According to Beireschmitt, there is a lack of incentive alignment for free-to-play, whereby developers maximize on extracting value from the minority of players who spend in free-to-play games.
– in-game economies have proven to be a sticking point for most play-and-earn games.
– when discussing the factors that are necessary for in-game economies to be sustainable in the long-term, Beireschmitt explained that one factor that aids is the dynamic between passive and active players.


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