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FTX Crypto Cup: Firouzja on the run as Duda beats Carlsen

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* In the fifth round of the FTX Crypto Cup, Jan-Krzysztof Duda was the first player to prevent Magnus Carlsen from collecting three points in a match. Carlsen had a perfect 12/12 score until round 4 and, after losing to Duda in tiebreaks (grabbing one point), he is now the sole leader in Miami.

* Carlsen and Duda’s match was very eventful. Duda won the first two games, before a power outage at the Eden Roc Hotel forced the organizers to stop the round for a little while. The pause ended up favouring the world champion, who managed to recover and take the match to tiebreaks by scoring two wins in a row.

* In the tiebreaks, Duda quickly responded to Carlsen’s 36.Be4 by 36…Rc1, forcing a rook exchange that eliminates the possibility of a perpetual check. The world champion found himself in a must-win situation for a third time on a single day and ended up losing again.

* Alireza Firouzja is now two points behind Carlsen and one point behind Praggnanandhaa in the standings, as he is set to face the world champion in the next round.

* Levon Aronian has failed to grab a single point since the second round, while Giri is on the upswing, as he has now collected six points in two rounds.


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