The number of women investors in the Indian crypto market is on the rise!

– The crypto industry has long-standing gender inequities, with fewer women than men involved in crypto as investors or founders.
– Recent data from exchanges and other crypto companies in India shows that around 20 per cent of crypto investors in India are women.
– The sharp rise in the number of women investors indicates how young women investors are increasingly shifting from traditional investments like gold to crypto.
– There are multiple reasons behind this shift, including the growing awareness of crypto as technology and people realising how investing in Bitcoin and crypto has long-term potential.
– The increased internet penetration in the country has also caused a decline in data inequality, contributing positively to this change.
– As the crypto industry matures, there is also more regulatory clarity globally and new, emerging use cases and markets for the industry.
– This has given several women the confidence to emerge as entrepreneurs – holding influential positions in the Indian and global crypto ecosystem.,width-1070,height-580,imgsize-36760,overlay-etmarkets/photo.jpg

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