63829F3F555FD54028376B35DCEA80DA8FE58318FAA3353C576CE6CE7E1B8D19 Why the Crypto Winter is Here to Stay

Why the Crypto Winter is Here to Stay

– The report released in June by technology consulting firm Capgemini found that approximately 71% of high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) have invested in digital assets a figure that rises to 91% for those under 40.
– Cryptocurrencies were reported as the favourite digital asset investment, followed by exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and metaverse investments.
– The growing interest of institutions will doubtless lift us out of the downturn eventually.
– The underlying reasons we find ourselves in this crypto winter are:
– Hawkish Fed Policy
– Correlation between crypto and stock market
– Regulatory challenges


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