Blockchain Investor Charles Read Talks Crypto

Blockchain Investor Charles Read Talks Crypto, NFTs and Giving Back In an exclusive interview, Charles Read discusses his thoughts on the cryptocurrency and NFT markets, and how he uses his wealth to give back to the community.

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-Charles Read is the co-founder of web3 investment firm Rarestone Capital.
-Read is intimately familiar with the crypto markets topsy-turvy nature and the highs and lows that regularly spawn both eulogies and obituaries.
-A father of three, the quiet-spoken Englishman says the secret to his success is keeping a level head and striving for balance.
-Rarestone has financed close to 100 projects since launching five years ago, with most of their investments to date being in DeFi, GameFi and NFT ventures.
-Read sits on the advisory panel of several crypto startups like Caduceus, a blockchain dedicated to metaverse development.
-Read’s involvement in the industry predates the current movement in blockchain games and tokenized digital commodities.
-Before finding his way into the crypto space, Read spent a lot of time in college bouncing around different subjects but never followed through with anything.
-Read and his partners at Rarestone decided to shut down a prototype called Servamps and go their separate ways before Rarestone flourished at the start of the DeFi summer of 2020.
-The industrys movers and shakers have had mixed fortunes during the recent downturn, with some NFT and gaming initiatives stalling while others have continued racking up milestones, particularly in terms of capital raised.
-A new report from Messari shows that the crypto sector has raised $30.3 billion so far this year, outpacing 2021 with several months still to go.
-Read is particularly bullish about the synergies between NFTs and the entertainment world. Earlier this year, he purchased a token dedicated to the late mother of trailblazing hip-hop producer DJ Premier, which resulted in the pair becoming friends.
-As an ardent gamer and art collector, Read clearly loves the direction in which the sector is travelling. But hes keen to stress that perspective on the industry is key there is life beyond the blockchain.


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