bitcoin g34d21e630 640 Is Stable Coin the Solution to All of Cryptocurrency's Problems?

Is Stable Coin the Solution to All of Cryptocurrency’s Problems?

-Many famous cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum & bitcoin, have recently seen a fall in their prices; it happened because of the so-called stablecoin crash, a kind of cryptocurrency that is assumed to save buyers from the fluctuations of digital currencies.
-A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency type linked to assets such as the U.S. dollar. They have been created partly against the reaction of fluctuations in other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, whose value fluctuates continuously.
-There are many cryptos and precious metal-supported stablecoins, the most famous is found to be fiat-backed.
-Tether is a substantial stablecoin, held on a one-to-one with U.S. dollars and backed by assets reserves.
-TerraUSD has a differentiation point: it was supported by algorithms instead of U.S. dollars.
-The crash of TerraUSD has contributed somehow to bitcoins price dropping in the last few months.
-U.S.A. law developers have been thinking of several ways for the cryptocurrency markets regulation; therefore, stablecoins have been the main point of those debates.


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