Terra's Blockchain Collapse: What Crypto Market? BitMEX CEO | Crypto

Terra’s Blockchain Collapse: What Crypto Market? BitMEX CEO

BitMEX is a Global peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Exchange and derivatives Trading platform that was impacted by The liquidation of crypto hedge fund three Arrows Capitals in The aftermath of The collapse of The Terra ecosystem.

-Alexander Hptner, CEO of BitMEX, talked to Mint about crypto winter, The Impact of Terra blockchain collapse on The Exchange, and India plans.

-Hptner said that a correction was inevitable at Some point in time and that The crypto world is not in a vacuum just in itself.

-Hptner also said that The interest and demand, especially from The institutional side are definitely increasing.

-BitMEX is closely monitoring The regulatory developments in India and is looking into partnerships or mergers and acquisitions.

-Hptner is bullish on ETH and said that bitcoin is an alternative Currency and, in that sense, ETH can have a different role.

-in The aftermath of The Terra blockchain collapse, Hptner said that The Impact was very low and that BitMEX is adjusting its risk monitor tools.


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