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Why ATOM surged 13% while other cryptos slumped

-Cosmos (ATOM) was one of the few top cryptos in the green this morning, up almost 13% in 24 hours.
-There’s no obvious single reason for Cosmos’s strong performance in recent days, but there are a number of contributing factors.
-Global investment manager VanEck published an optimistic analysis of Cosmos and its potential in the coming years.
-The VanEck report drew particular attention to something called “internet security.”
-There’s speculation on social media that some of the projects from the now-defunct Terra (LUNA) ecosystem will move to Cosmos.
-It is a difficult time for the cryptocurrency industry, and there are still clouds on the horizon.
-As an investor, the key question is whether you think Cosmos can perform well in the long term.
-Before you invest in any crypto, make sure you’re on top of your other financial goals.


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