How predictions of crypto news are driving up the value of Big Eyes Coin

How predictions of crypto news are driving up the value of Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum and Hedera

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– Big Eyes Coin is a blockchain-based platform that enables its users to switch to Decentralised Finance (DeFi) solutions for income generation.

– It also has a native token, BIG, that can be used for staking, liquidity pool provisioning and earning rewards, and other similar transactional purposes.

– The total supply of the BIG Token is 200,000,000,000 units and interested buyers will be able to purchase it on presale.

– There will be no taxes levied on the purchase or sale of these tokens.

– The remaining 10% is divided equally between the marketing wallet and 5% for charitable purposes.

– The platform, however, does levy a 10% tax on NFT trading.

– Of the tax proceeds, 4% will be distributed among original sellers, 5% among BIG Token holders and the remaining 1% will be dedicated to charitable causes.

– The Big Eyes team is led by TopCat or PawZilla who has an unmatched ambition and the technical side of the platform is handled by TechCat or CatNipper.

– All issues related to the Big Token are looked after by HypeCat or Hypurrr.

– Meanwhile, CatSuits and TenPaws look after the daily operations and LawCat or CatsEyes ensures that the platform doesnt run into any legal trouble.

– Big Eyes Coin will be dedicating a certain portion of its finances and token supply to marketing activities.

– These activities will include partnerships with social media influencers to ramp up the platforms reach.

– Under its efforts to liberalise access to DeFi, Big Eyes will make learning about the protocols easier and simpler with its features like Big Eyes Swap.

– Ethereum is a blockchain-based technology that powers Ether cryptocurrency and serves as a launchpad for scalable and secure dApps.

– Recently, Ether has been the talk of the town after it clocked around a 100% increase in its value, after bottoming out in June, and is currently outperforming even Bitcoin.

– The rally in its prices is led by the anticipation over the Ethereum networks long-awaited software upgrade being referred to as the Merge.

– The Merge is an upcoming software upgrade on the Ethereum blockchain system wherein the Ethereum Mainnet will be merged into a proof-of-stake protocol.

– Hedera is a smart contracts platform that helps developers build and deploy enterprise-grade solutions on public blockchain systems.

– In a recent development, Lumos Labs announced that it would be launching a Web 3.0 accelerator for Hedera-based solutions.

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