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Can CRV Crypto make a comeback?

The price of The Curve DAO Token has been declining via a parallel downward channel across The daily price chart.
– The Token originally made an attempt to capitalize on The rallys strength and surged In The direction of The upper trendline, but it failed to do so and went back to The channel.
– The CRV currency needs help from buyers In order to exit The parallel dropping channel.
– The CRV coin is attempting to break out above The parallel channels upper trendline once more, and CRV bulls appear to be rather committed to doing so.
– However, The volume change is below normal and must increase For The CRV to signify its breakout.
– Meanwhile, CRV bulls must accumulate themselves to prove The Token a breakthrough over The daily price chart.
– The strength of The rally For The CRV coin is indicated by technical indicators.
– The MACD line is below The signal line and is heading toward The signal line For a positive crossover.

curve 1 Can CRV Crypto make a comeback?

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