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Get Ready to Stake Your $VSL Tokens!

-Skylabs VSL is a launchpad that will launch only top-tier projects that meet the highest standards, including a clear path to revenue and strong fundamentals. All projects launching off Skylabs will meet competitive marketing positioning standards.
-The highly-anticipated $VSL BEP-20 token will launch exclusively on Vsale, one of two independent launchpads, joined by Skylabs, at Vetter Ecosystem.
-Vetter Ecosystem is a decentralized environment that participates in non-custodial staking. Because of this, stakers have full control of their respective funds with no interference from a governing body.
-The community-driven projects tokenomics is deflationary, meaning that tokens cant be minted while, per a burn procedure, are decreased in supply over time.
-Stakers of the $VSL token will receive royalties from shared revenue as 100% of the buy tax and 33.33% of the sales tax, which evolves into 20% of generated revenue from both launchpads, once the buy and sell taxes are removed from DEXs for mass-marketing via CEXs.
-Vetter Ecosystem, backed by a passionate community with an integrated blockchain-authenticated voting contract, has set the bar higher for guiding DeFi enthusiasts to make wiser decisions for their own futures.

skylabs Get Ready to Stake Your $VSL Tokens!

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