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Can Litecoin Save Cryptocurrency?

-Litecoin went from an enthusiast favorite during the 2017 bull run to one of the most hated coins due to its lagging tendencies and limited design.

-Litecoin could potentially lead the crypto rally and outperform both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

-Litecoin could set a higher high on the RSI, which is a buy signal according to the tools creator, J. Welles Wilder Jr.

-The LMACD has topped and bottomed at the same converging trend lines all throughout the history of Litecoin price action. Litecoin has potentially found support at this very trend line.

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-In our last chart, we once again are comparing Litecoin to Bitcoin and Ethereum, but side by side using USD pairs to demonstrate that Litecoin tends to outperform both assets towards the end of a crypto market cycle.

Screen Shot 2022 08 29 at 8.48.48 AM Can Litecoin Save Cryptocurrency?

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