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Pinsky’s Millions: The ‘Teenage Crypto Kingpin’ Making a Fortune in Bitcoin

– The crypto world is full of controversies, with some big names denouncing it and some high-profile hacks resulting in losses.

– One of the famous cryptocurrency hacks is the January 2018 heist, which involved nearly US$23.8 million theft from the digital vault of crypto entrepreneur Michael Terpin.

– The mastermind behind the hack was one Ellis Pinsky, also dubbed as teenage crypto kingpin.

– Pinsky and his team used the SIM-swapping technique to perpetrate the hack.

– Terpin sued Pinsky and other accomplices in 2020 and reportedly sought US$71.7 million in damages.

– A suit for damages, instituted by Terpin against service provider AT&T, was dismissed by a California state judge in 2020.

– Pinsky is stated to have led the team of hackers that breached Terpins phone.

– Pinskys hacking episode is one of many such events that have rocked the world of digital currencies based on the blockchain tech.


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