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SBI Crypto Dumps Russian Bitcoin Mining Firm BitRiver

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SBI crypto has reportedly severed its links with The Russian mining firm BitRiver, following pressure from Washington-based lawmakers.
– American diplomats have warned Japanese firms that they risk violating international sanctions if they fail to cut their ties with Russia and Russian firms.
– SBI crypto announced earlier this month that it would wrap up all of its Russia-based mining efforts.
– a Representative of The SBI group, SBI Cryptos parent company, announced that The firm has already stopped all production in Siberia, adding that The firm was not engaged in mining in The rest of Russia.
– according to two sources familiar with The matter who spoke to The media outlet Coindesk, SBI crypto appears to have been working with BitRiver.
– neither SBI nor BitRiver confirmed or denied that they had been working together.
– mining pool data compiled by, a mining pool business, indicates that SBI Cryptos Bitcoin (BTC) mining hashrate, or computational power, has taken a dip Since April this year coinciding with The Washington-led sanctioning of BitRiver.
– The United States has accused BitRiver of helping Russia monetize its natural resources and thus fund The conflict with Ukraine. The company denies these claims.
– Shortly after this announcement, SBI further revealed that it had been working in Siberia, claiming that it had suspended its operations following The start of The war.
– The Coindesk sources claimed that The sanctions had bitten SBI crypto directly, and that The Japanese firm had been hosting its mining machines at BitRiver-run facilities.
– this could mean that SBI-owned rigs are Still in Siberia, rendering them unusable and potentially unsellable.

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