Shopify Can't Pause Crypto-related Lawsuit

Shopify Can’t Pause Crypto-related Lawsuit, UAE Company Partners with Binance to Accept Crypto + More News

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– A federal judge in the US state of Delaware has denied e-commerce platform Shopify’s bid to pause a lawsuit against it over a data breach that cost some crypto users their digital wallets.

-Shopify is being sued over a data breach that resulted in the loss of digital wallets for some crypto users.

-The judge in the case has denied Shopify’s request to pause the lawsuit, stating that doing so would have no positive effect.

-Emin Gn Sirer, the CEO of Ava Labs, has dismissed allegations from online publication Crypto Leaks that his company used litigation to fool regulators and harm competitors, calling it conspiracy theory nonsense.

-Crypto Leaks has also alleged that startup Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse funded a law firm to target competitor firms, which Garlinghouse has denied.

-Mt. Gox creditor and chief investment officer at crypto hedge fund Arcane Assets, Eric Wall, has denied rumors that the now-defunct bitcoin exchange will distribute approximately 140,000 BTC this week.

-The domain, used by Ethereum Name Service Decentralized Autonomous Organization, has expired and will be returned to a domain registry on September 5.

-The reason the domain is expiring is that the former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith, the only person with the authority to renew it, is in prison, charged with helping North Korea circumvent sanctions by using crypto.

-Virtuzone, a corporate services provider in the United Arab Emirates, has partnered with the crypto exchange Binance to become the first company in the UAE to accept crypto payments for business setup services.

-The chief of Singapores central bank the Monetary Authority of Singapore has said the country is weighing measures that would make it more difficult for retail investors to trade crypto.

-UK authorities have shut down two companies involved in alleged crypto-related fraud.

-The Formula One car race has filed two trademarks related to non-fungible tokens and crypto for Las Vegas Grand Prix, expected to take place in November 2023.

-The Singapore-based crypto derivatives trading exchange GammaX has closed a USD 4m seed funding round.

-The Singapore-based fintech firm Lightnet Group has received a USD 50m commitment from investment firm LDA Capital.

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