How Crypto is Forcing the Designer Drug Market to Go Legit

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The first step towards opening the doors of perception is managing a bitcoin (BTC) key.
-technology and drugs have always been intertwined. Marijuana was the first thing ever sold over the ARPANET, an early version of the internet, in a cross-country deal between graduate students. Magic mushrooms were the first thing listed and sold on the Silk Road, a shuttered anonymous marketplace that was proving ground for commercial use of Tor and Bitcoin.
-the research drug industry thrives on the clearnet, or the part of the web you can explore with a Google search. this has enabled people who otherwise would not have access to recreational drugs to discover them.
-the internet has allowed for an entirely new type of market to emerge, creating a platform for demand to surface and for suppliers to meet it.
-the U.S. blanket-banned fentalogues due to their potency, wagering any potential benefits of later studying them did not square with their contributing negative effects on the ongoing opioid epidemic.
-Banning research chemicals completely would essentially be a ban on chemistry.
-governments have been slow to respond to the wave of research chemicals, which can pose serious risks for users. Manufacturers play a cat-and-mouse game with law enforcement, tweaking scheduled substances to avoid prohibition and drug testing. because these are literally novel substances, often the effects are unknown before a drug forum guinea pig tries them.
-the internet is a flat communications platform, allowing people from all corners to interact and share information. an illegal industry that was already difficult to police became infinitely more so now that the chain of distribution and knowledge has fragmented and dispersed online. Permissionless blockchain networks, a step change in empowering individuals through software, further complicates law enforcement.
-As it stands, the Canadian government is not necessarily tracking cryptocurrency transactions to drug retailers or manufacturers.
-the complicated chemistry He wrote about was once privileged information, which began to spread on the Usenet message boards in the early days of the web. Self-described psychonauts have taken up his tradition of experimentation. for them, drug use is a personal choice that should not be intermediated by governments.

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