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Get Out Of Bitcoin Now! Kyle McDonald Warns

-Kyle McDonald predicts that the bitcoin network may become regulated, causing its price to drop.
-He cites the climate crisis and the massive energy use of bitcoin as reasons why this may happen.
-Crypto electricity consumption has become a major bone of contention for environmental activists and governments.
-The prospect of Ethereum reducing energy costs by 99.95% is very realistic.
-Ethereums Switch, a software update called The Merge, is expected this month, and one of the expected benefits is that it wont require multiple computers to keep the blockchain running.
-To track the energy movement of Ethereum, McDonalds created the Ethereum Emission Tracker.
-However, one risk pertains to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). That is, there is a good chance that some miners will temporarily switch to proof of work after the merger occurs.
-If miners change, there could be duplicate NFTs on the second chain for a short period of time, he said. If it does, it could potentially undermine their values as well.

Bitcoin Must Be Sold Now Crypto Researcher Kyle McDonald Warns Get Out Of Bitcoin Now! Kyle McDonald Warns

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