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New Terra Crypto Ecosystem Rises From The Ashes

-The cryptocurrency market did not meet expectations in 2022 compared to the previous year.

-Despite this, innovative projects continue to be showcased.

-One such promising cryptocurrency platform is Supontis (PON).

-The project started with the desire to create an ecosystem in which all users and active token holders feel essential and contribute to the platforms infrastructure, outlook and future.

-Supontis (PON) is a community-oriented DAO and does not have a centralized structure like other cryptocurrency projects regarding management decisions.

-The projects fuel, SOL, can be used for staking, transferring assets, and executing smart contracts within the ecosystem.

-At the time of writing, 350 million is in circulation, transactions of 1 billion dollars are traded daily.

-The Avalanche (AVAX) project, which has a comprehensive ecosystem, offers different income models to its users, and upholds protocols to protect its current value, was one of the projects that declined the steepest in 2022.

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