Crypto recouped

Crypto recouped, but whales are entering exchanges again

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-Digital asset investment products are seeing slight inflows after the consequent 3-week pull back, reports crypto market researcher CoinShares.
-As per its bi-weekly market report, the combined capital inflows into up to 10 major digital asset funds reached $9.2 million during the past week.
-The numbers looked different a week ago when $27 million was taken out of crypto investment funds.
-Since the beginning of August $52.7 million in total left digital asset funds.
-According to CoinShares, the weekly trading volumes sat around $915 million, or $14 million more than a week prior, when they hit the lowest levels since October 2020.
-The biggest amounts of capital were poured in Purpose Investments digital asset funds ($6.5 million) and CI Investments crypto funds ($5.6 million).
-Meanwhile, the 3iQ crypto fund, which belongs to Canadas largest digital asset investment fund manager, witnessed the biggest $9.4 million outflows over the past week.
-Reportedly, the biggest amounts of capital were moved into Short Bitcoin product, totaling $17.9 million over the set time period.
-Multi-asset investment products witnessed the second biggest capital inflow, or $3.3 million, more than 5 times lower than products offering Bitcoin shorting investments.
-Meanwhile, the Bitcoin and investment funds registered the most significant weekly losses, with $11.1 million and $2.1 million of investments respectively fleeing out of the funds.
-The move represented the 4th consecutive week of withdrawals from BTC investment products, resulting in nearly $70 million of capital decline over time.
-Investment products related to other digital assets like (LTC), (SOL), Tron (TRX), (ADA) and (XRP) have not reported any significant outflows, although the amounts of invested capital remained minor and lingered under $1 million.
-Despite the low trading volumes, the money inflows showed different sentiments across investors of different regions.
-As per the report, the biggest amount of capital, or $4.7 million alone came from Canada, followed by Brazils $3.2 million.
-Investors from Switzerland and Germany were the next in the row, pouring $1.7 million and $1.6 million respectively.
-Meanwhile, United States investors remained most cautious. Their capital inflows totaled $0.8 million, masked by predominant inflows into short-Bitcoin investment products, CoinShares said.
-At the same time, the whale deposit amounts on crypto exchanges keep growing, says another cryptocurrency data research firm CryptoQuant.
-According to them, the Exchange Whale Ratio has increased right before Bitcoins drop today, when the dominant crypto fell below its symbolic $19

Crypto recouped, but whales are entering exchanges again

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