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New Way to Play Backgammon: on the Concordium Blockchain

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– Crypto Games AG is announcing the development of CryptoGammon, a blockchain-based backgammon, on the Concordium Blockchain.

– With Concordium’s commitment to confidentiality and accountability, the possibilities of how backgammon could evolve in the metaverse are endless.

– Players will participate in tournaments and test their skills against people from all over the world in a secure environment provided by Concordium and its ID-framework.

– In accordance with Concordium and Crypto Games AG’s sustainability efforts, players will also have the opportunity to trade unique NFTs in-game on the net-zero carbon emission NFT marketplace SpaceSeven, as well as compete for prizes in the native Concordium cryptocurrency CCD.

– “By harnessing Concordium’s pioneering ID layer technology, Crypto Games AG will be able to develop CryptoGammon, a p2p skill-based gambling game, in a responsible, secure, and compliant way, ensuring that players meet age requirements and can otherwise be banned” says Kapil Kumar Chairman of 9HZ.

– Backgammon will be the first out of many games that Crypto Games AG will develop in a partnership with 9HZ, an ISO 9001:2010 certified leading software development company with more than 1800 launched projects, hundreds of developers with extensive Rust experience, and a state-of-the-art NFT game development division with 65 NFT games app developers and over 650 NFT games.

– Crypto Games AG has been awarded the ‘Free and Open Grant’ by the Concordium Foundation for the development of CryptoGammon on Concordium Blockchain.

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