Altcoins to Watch in 2022 | Crypto

Altcoins to Watch in 2022

-A crypto analyst suggests Ethereum, Polkadot, and four additional crypto assets for accumulation.
-The analyst said these altcoins performed high in its list of accumulation.
-In a new strategy session on YouTube, Van de Poppe predicts the ETH price.
-He mentioned that, “You technically want to see it held above this area here ($19,800) If we do lose $19,800 to $20,000, probably were going to sweep the lows here ($18,900). And then the question will become whether we get a very high volume candle liquidity grab and then reverse immediately and then we can go to the other side of the range ($20,600).”
-Van de Poppe predicted the breakout rally to $22,000 if BTC raised to $20,600.

Analyst Says Ethereum Polkadot and Four Additional Crypto Assets Are Top Altcoin Picks for Accumulation Altcoins to Watch in 2022

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