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Crypto Token Launch On New Platform!

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-DONR Company LLC has just completed its first month on Coinsbit, an exchange at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption within the developing world.

-DONR is a utility cryptocurrency that finalized the deal to list on one of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges after an extensive review process, and the result has been outstanding.

-Within the first four days of listing on the exchange, DONR gained nearly 8,000 viewers on the Indian short videos app Josh.

-DONR provides the platform (GoDONR) through which fundraisers and donors can send and receive crypto payments.

-Charity organizations can stake donations into the top cryptocurrencies of their choice in escrow to participate in the active growth of their favored cryptocurrencies.

-Through a peer-to-peer ecosystem, DONR hopes to introduce new economic models for charities across the world by providing cryptocurrency holders with the opportunity to donate their holdings back into worthy causes.

-GoDONR will help promote emerging cryptocurrencies and ICOs that are already underway by channeling donations from the community to them.

-DONR is now listed on Live Coin Watcha major crypto price listing platform.

-DONRs mission is to contribute to a global movement towards the adoption of cryptocurrency by creating a decentralized philanthropic ecosystem where campaign managers and charitable donors alike will be assured fair treatment of their respective endeavors and affairs.

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