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Don’t Be fooled by marketing doublespeak!

-Crypto Policy Symposium is a conference focused on the regulation of digital currency and blockchain technology.
-The event is organized by Darren Tseng and Akalin.
-The goal of the event is to educate regulators and policymakers about the risks and opportunities posed by digital currencies and blockchain technology.
-The event brings together experts from the financial, legal, and technological fields to discuss the latest developments in the space.
-On the second day of the event, Alex Sobel MP gave a keynote speech about the need for financial engineering in the crypto world.
-The panel “Cryptopia: Land of the Promised” discussed the trend of crypto utopias and their consequences.
-The panel “NFTs in Sports” discussed the use of NFTs in the sporting world and the risks

crypto policy symposium 2022 closes with warning against marketing doublespeak Don't Be fooled by marketing doublespeak!

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