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Institutional Investors Flock to New ‘Dark Pool’ Crypto Platform

* *Crypto marketplace Enclave Markets is preparing to allow its whitelisted users to trade blocks of digital assets privately, echoing dark pool trading.*
* *The platforms Enclave Cross, still in beta, allows crypto traders to make block trades off-chain.*
* *Once the traders move their assets off-chain, Enclaves technology matches traders with interested counterparties without revealing wallet addresses.*
* *All Enclave Cross trades are executed at the market price.*
* *The product was inspired by dark pools, which have long been offered in traditional markets.*
* *Crypto dark pools are nothing new, either, with Kraken launching a suite of dark pools in 2015.*
* *SFOX launched a crypto dark pool in 2020, and a number of crypto prime brokerages also offer similar services.*
* *But Wells said no current competitors offer as much anonymity.*
* *Centralized models can suffer from information leakage, undermining their privacy benefits, but Enclave hopes to address that with an adjudicator approval process similar to a smart contract.*
* *Asset managers, hedge funds and systematic trading firms are among those demanding this type of product, Enclave Markets CEO says*
* *Hidden Road Partners, LedgerPrime, Republic Crypto, Fir Tree Partners, Scrypt, FBG Capital and Blizzard Fund are among those testing the product*

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