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DID Partners With HKUST’s Crypto-fintech Lab For Strategic Cooperation

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– HashKey DID has partnered with the Crypto-FinTech Lab of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

– This collaboration will see both organizations bolster their presence and participation in the Web3 ecosystem and any related community events, including HKUSTs upcoming Web3 Carnival and KOIhub.

– Having recently announced its plans to open the worlds first physical-digital twin campuses in the metaverse called MetaHKUST, HKUST will leverage cryptographic and blockchain-based technologies offered by HashKey DID such as privacy-preserving solutions and Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs).

– Both HashKey DID and Crypto-FinTech Lab will fully tap into each others expertise and service offerings to bring and create an immersive Web3 experience on campus for HKUSTs student groups.

– Leo Li, Head of HashQuark (the Staking-as-a-Service provider under HashKey Group) will give a speech on behalf of HashKey DID on November 8 2022 at the HKUST Web3 Carnival.

– During the Carnival, it will also issue a commemorative On-chain Soul Token(OST), a special variation of NFTs that are non-tradable and non-transferrable NFT, for all alumni, faculty members, staff, and students attending the event.

– This limited-edition OST is jointly designed and minted by HashKey DID and the Crypto-FinTech Lab to celebrate and recognize the universitys commitment to nurturing talent and empowering innovation and creativity among the youth.

– HashKey DID, previously known as QPassport, has recently launched its self-branded non-transferrable HashKey DID OSTs, as it continues its mission to deliver the true concept of Web3 for users, starting with a decentralized identifier, which makes it more convenient for users to claim Credentials at HashKey DID and manage their OSTs and NFTs.

IMG 7490.optimal DID Partners With HKUST's Crypto-fintech Lab For Strategic Cooperation

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