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” From Trainee to Crypto Trading Master: My Story”

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– Christopher Newhouse is a graduate trader at GSR, a crypto-native market maker focused on providing liquidity to institutional counterparts as well as market making for individual token projects.
– He started about a month ago with a graduate class of 7, and was the only hire in the US this year for the graduate trader position.
– After some initial training in London, he’s now on the desk and this is what his average day looks like.
– He wakes up at 6 AM, makes breakfast, and goes to the gym. He showers and gets ready at the gym so he can take the bus to the office.
– He arrives at the office around 8 AM, catches up with co-workers, grabs something from the kitchen, and takes a look at some of the systems and chats to see what happened overnight.
– He reads news articles and scrolls through Twitter and Telegram to see if anything interesting has happened in the ecosystem.
– At 9 AM, he has a weekly global catch up call to figure out some of the team’s strategies heading forward and to recap what sort of projects theyre working on.
– From 10 AM – 12 PM, he performs his day-to-day operational activities, which include quoting clients for spot trades, pricing options for derivative traders, monitoring risk systems, and settling liquidators and accumulators.
– He also has a catch-up call with a few traders to introduce himself and hear more about their backgrounds.
– At the end of the day, he summarizes the team’s risks, notes any interesting trades that happened, and comes up with different interesting metrics to share with the team.

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