Bitdeer Acquires 'Singapore's Fort Knox' for $28.4 Million | Crypto

Bitdeer Acquires ‘Singapore’s Fort Knox’ for $28.4 Million

– Bitdeer Technologies has purchased a high-security storage and display facility in Singapore called Le Freeport for $28.4 million.
– Bitdeer’s chairman, Jihan Wu, confirmed the vault acquisition via a text message following the reports that revealed the mining firm purchased Le Freeport.
– The vault was originally built to be similar to the high-security storage vaults located in Luxembourg and Geneva.
– The sources who disclosed the latest acquisition of Freeport in Singapore, also detailed that Bitdeer is researching going public through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) deal via a blank check company.

wu Bitdeer Acquires 'Singapore's Fort Knox' for $28.4 Million

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