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3 DeFi Cryptos to Watch in 2021

Feed3 (FC3) is an audio feedback tool that allows users to share their experience with a dApp or blockchain-based videogame through The use of voice notes.

-Feed3 (FC3) rewards users for their contributions with FC3 tokens, The projects currency.

-by implementing its own version of Ethereums (ETH) Hardfork, Polygon (MATIC) has made its pricing more stable.

-transactions are processed off-chain by Polygon (MATIC) using a technology called Plasma before being finalized on The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

-within its ecosystem, MATIC, The companys native cryptocurrency, is used for a variety of things, including as a governance token and a way to pay gas fees.

-Cardano (ADA) is a cryptocurrency of The third generation that combines The greatest features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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