Bitcoin News: Flynt Launches Industry's Highest Yield Product Yet! | Crypto

Bitcoin News: Flynt Launches Industry’s Highest Yield Product Yet!

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-Flynt Finance recently launched a platform for crypto structured products.
-The relatively high returns (up to 50% APY) on Flynt has gained strong interest from crypto yield enthusiasts.
-Cryptocurrency markets are often thought of as the go-to place for high-risk high-return due to the volatile price movements.
-Managing risk for such assets can be complex, especially for those that do not have a financial background.
-A popular way to hedge is to use options by entering into positions opposite to current asset holding.
-There are also various structured products that provide yield with combined strategies of options, lending, and futures.
-One of the simplest and most popular structured products is the covered call strategy or a cash covered put strategy.
-Since 2021 there has been a rush to offer covered call strategies on various cryptocurrencies for the yield-hungry crypto investors.
-After rigorous research and backtesting various strategies, the team at Flynt decided to launch their very own structured product strategy, the BTC Covered Call Strategy x5.
-This strategy sells call options on a weekly basis and reinvests the premium earned into the following week.
-Flynt uses up to 5 times leverage on their strategies to both increase the returns as well as decrease the chance of taking a loss by selecting a further OTM strike price.
-According to their backtests, this resulted in an average APR of 47%(including losses) compared to the industry average of about 15%(not including losses).
-Flynts team is made up of blockchain OGs that have experience delivering a wide range of services including cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain protocols, and dApps together since 2015.

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