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Crypto 6 Case: GOP’s Murphy May Be Called to Testify

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-Keith Murphy, the NHGOPs hand-picked candidate for state Senate, could end up explaining to a jury his business relationship with the defendants in the infamous Crypto 6 money laundering case.

-Ian Freeman, the last of the Keene Crypto 6 defendants headed to trial, faces more than 30 federal felony counts for his Bitcoin business operation, which included running Bitcoin ATMs in various business locations.

-One of those ATMs was set up in the Manchester location of Murphys Taproom, a restaurant owned by the senate candidate.

-Freemans attorney says he may call Murphy as a witness for the defense.

-Murphy told NH Journal that he was just providing a little wall space for the machine and that he has not been in contact with any federal law enforcement agency since the machine was removed.

-Federal law enforcement agents seized the Murphys Taproom ATM during the March 2021 raids of several homes and businesses connected to Freemans activities.

-Freeman is accused of operating a multimillion money laundering scheme that helped facilitate online scammers, according to court documents.

-Murphy said he has not been contacted about being a potential witness.

-Freemans criminal defense attorney, Mark Sisti, said Murphy may be called as a witness, but it is too early to say definitively.

-Murphy said he does not remember the exact details of the arrangement he had with Freeman, but said he did not make any money from the machine.

-According to Freeman, his ATMs brought in money for the host business through a percentage of the total transactions.

-Freeman took in millions of dollars through his Bitcoin exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs, according to court records.

-Part of the scheme Freeman ran helped cyber criminals swindle money from victims of lonely heart scams, according to prosecutors.

-Four of the other Crypto 6 defendants, Renee Spinella, Andrew Spinella, Aria DiMezzo, and Nobody (also known as Rick Paul), have taken plea deals.

-The fifth suspect, Colleen Fordham, had her charges dropped earlier this year.

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